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Restaurant Review | Del Mar | Searsucker

Hello friends and fellow foodies!  Finally getting around to sharing my dining experience at celebrity chef Brian Malarky’s restaurant Searsucker Del Mar.  For those of you coming in from out of town to attend a wedding…this place did not disappoint.  First off, again I apologize for image quality as once again I only had my cell phone camera with me which aren’t the greatest pictures since we’re shooting in the dar, but it’s good enough to get the idea.

I’ve been to the Searsucker in downtown San Diego, but for whatever reason, my experience  at the Del Mar location really impressed me.  I went with friends (and former clients) Melissa and Rick where we drank wine, stuffed ourselves silly, and really just had a great time all around.

So to start, we ordered a few dishes called “Smalls” which I guess can be considered appetizers.  The first dish (pictured below) was the very delicious short rib “hunter” + horse radish + crispy fried onion.  I’ve had plenty of short rib in the past and this one was as good as I’ve ever had.

SanDiegoFoodReview_0001The other small we ordered was the duck fat fries + house ketchup.  This was a winner for me just because I’ve never had duck fat fries before.  Of course when you cook french fries in duck fat how could you go wrong?  I highly recommend this dish.  You won’t be disappointed if you like french friesSanDiegoFoodReview_0002The third “Small” we ordered was the shrimp “spicy” + bacon cheddar grits.  This one was also very good, but probably my least favorite of the 3 “Smalls”.  Being that they’re “Smalls” I probably didn’t eat as much of this as the others, so I’ll have to give it another try some day.SanDiegoFoodReview_0003So moving on to the main dishes all three of us selected from the “Farm” section.  My dish (shown below) was the pork butt with apples + bacon emulsion + red onions.  This one was really delicious!  I would definitely order this again and think you should too!SanDiegoFoodReview_0004The other dish we got was the “duck, duck” which was duck breast + ipa gastrique + orange + yams.  Also really delicious!  I’m a big fan of duck dishes and this one was really good as well.  The combination of the greens, yams, and duck breast really brought it all together for meSanDiegoFoodReview_0005The third dish we ordered was the chicken with quinoa + swiss chard + apple + pine nuts.  Probably the least favorite of the three main dishes.  I’m not the biggest fan of quinoa so that might be part of the issue.  The other thing is this dish was much leaner than the other two dishes, so I’m not surprised I liked this dish the least.  Overall, it was good, just not what I was in the mood forSanDiegoFoodReview_0006Of course no meal would be complete without dessert.  So for the three of us we went with the jameson sunday which was jameson infused ice cream + banana brûlée + bacon candy + cashews.  Very very rich, but oh so good!  I know bacon is really trendy in desserts right now, but it really didn’t do anything for me.  It was really good but they have so many delicious looking desserts I definitely want to try them all!SanDiegoFoodReview_0007

One thing I really wanted to mention is that service and ambiance of the place is the most enjoyable aspect of dining at Searsucker for me.  The staff is incredibly attentive and the atmosphere is really fun.  I think you’ll really enjoy dining there.  Give it a try and let me know what you think

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