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Hello!  My name is Frank and I’m the owner and lead photographer of Francis Ralph Potograpiya.  So a little about me…I was born in New Jersey but raised in California, I’m of Filipino descent, my passion is photography whether it be for business or fun, and I’m a huge lover of life.

I’ve learned that’s it important not just to live life but to LIVE life. I myself find happiness in little things like listening to music, being near the ocean, rescuing worms off the sidewalk when it rains too hard and making every day a masterpiece 🙂

In terms of the business, I left a pretty good career in the corporate world to pursue my passion for photography, and can honestly say that I’ve never looked back.  I love creating images that bring people back to that point in time.  Whether it’s creating something artistic, or capturing that special moment, nothing gives me a greater feeling than seeing the look on a bride’s face when sharing her photos with her.

If you’ve seen some of my past work, you’ll find that I’m very creative.  Maybe even a little over-the-top sometimes.  My response to that is that I tailor my style towards you and your personality, because at the end of the day, it’s all about showing how amazing you are!

When booking Francis Ralph Potograpiya, please know that I will be the main photographer at your event and will always be there to ensure you get imagery that best showcases you.

I can’t wait to meet you!


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